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Sewing related, but cross posted.

Sorry if this isn't allowed, or if I've spammed your entire friends list, but I'll keep this pretty short.
I am a Fashion Design student, and should be graduating in May (fingers crossed). This means I will have LOTS of sewing and mad preparing to do for the senior spring fashion show. My dear friend has promised me a dress form/mannaquin for my Birthday ( it was in August) but *I* had to pick it out, because he tried, and felt WAAAAAYYY in over his head about it.
So I inquire with all you lovely folks, what's the best out there? In regards to brand, reliability, lasting quality, ease of use, durability, etc?
I would LOVE something that is adjustable in size, but it is very important that I have quality in this, as my dear friend is a bit of a life saver, and this will be my one and only dress form for a very long time.

So? Ladies and gents? From your experiences, what do you suggest?
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