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1920's and Victorian mourning bodice up for grabs!

Hi guys,

I was wondering, before I throw these on Ebay, if anyone was interested in putting in an offer on 2 genuine items I have.
One is a 1920s wedding dress and the other is a young lady's mourning bodice in black silk.

Victorian mourning bodice in black silk with boning.
Measurements flat:
Shoulder: 13,5"
Sleeves: 18,5"
Bust: 13"
Waist: 10,5"

has a few badly repaired tears and a tear on the shoulder and next to the buttons.
These are cloth buttons and in good condition. The back gathers into a bustle.

1920s cream wedding dress. measurement flat are:
Shoulders:15" (can accommodate bigger)
Sleeves: 19" (because the dress is off shoulder)
"skirt" front: 17"
"skirt" back :43"
waist: 12"
bust: 13,5" but can accommodate larger

Minor repairs needed like tidying up a few loose threads and 2 holes in the main skirt lace.
Lace on top with a satin underskirt and buttoned sleeves.

Lovely with a hoop skirt, although I'd recommend a petticoat too. 3 hooks at the back that allows you to shorten it at the back. Dress does up with a zip and hooks.

If anyone is interested, give me an offer!
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