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1837-1901 Costuming

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A Victorian inspired wedding! [28 Oct 2014|04:19pm]

I have new orders coming up for 2015 and new brides or bridal couples can contact me for an appointment! You can never be too early discussing the dreamoutfits you wish to wear on your very special day!Drop me a line at info @ larosecouture .com

These gowns were inspired by 3 periods from the Victorian Era. Crinoline, Natural form and Turn of the Century. Modern meets Elegance from the past!
These dresses are for sale or can be orderd to your size and wishes, please contact me via my email info @ larosecouture. com

A dreamy wedding shoot on a beautiful location!
Our wonderfull team:
Clothing and accesoires: La Rose Couture
Location: Kasteel Altembrouck
Model: Marye Way
Photographer: Pierre Empireart
Make up artist: Julia Leszczyk
Hairstylist: Cynthia Veenman
Set dresser: Adriana Bowditch Boek
Decor: Talking Tables ( La Rose Decor)
Flowers: Patrick Jansen
Cakes: Ilse Habraken-Boetzkes
Video: Matthijs Brink
Backstage photography: Michael Habraken


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Lady Isabella, new style in the Victorian sector! [26 Oct 2011|09:08pm]

A couple of weeks ago I had an amazing shoot with Pierre Leszcyk from Empire Art, Julia Lesczyk who did the great hairdo and model and MUA Sèraphine Strange!
The location was Kasteel Oost who has their own International Butler Academy, which resulted in great service and very appetising lunch and always a drink ready.

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Victorian straw bonnet with Lace [18 May 2011|04:24pm]

Up for grabs here: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250822042722&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1156
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1920's and Victorian mourning bodice up for grabs! [02 Feb 2011|03:56pm]

Hi guys,

I was wondering, before I throw these on Ebay, if anyone was interested in putting in an offer on 2 genuine items I have.
One is a 1920s wedding dress and the other is a young lady's mourning bodice in black silk.

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Victorian Bonnet [04 Nov 2010|05:41pm]

Made for a client a beautiful Victorian Bonnet from the Crinoline period.
The full bonnet is made by hand, first a buckram frame is made and then coverd with black silk.
Unfortunely you cannot see the burgundy silk lining coverd with black lace and pleated.
It's the same burgundy silk used to embellish the outside of the bonnet, the bonnet has black silk ribbons to tie under your chin and black velvet bows on the side.

(click on the picture to go to the webpage, you can change the language from Dutch to English by clicking the English flag on the left of the page)

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Antique Jewellery [25 Jun 2010|01:41pm]

An interesting read, especially for those interested in making or restoring their own jewels :

(can be found here :  www.crimsonbooksinc.com )

ANTIQUE JEWELLERY : Its Manufacture, Materials and Design – Duncan James

 “Much jewellery take the form a favored talisman or symbolic device related to religious faith or secular interest, and that other passion, love, has always been a major reason for the giving of jewellery. However, above and beyond all of this, jewellery has a decorative purpose-it is designed simply to adorn the individual.”


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Victorian Jewellry, Hats and Fascinators! [22 Jun 2010|11:17am]

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

For everybody in the Netherlands and all over the World, Etsy is an easy and safe way to order items from La Rose Couture.
I invite you to check out all the added items!
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New Victorian Bridal wear! [27 May 2010|06:47pm]


This couple married last year, but because of the big move, I haven't had time to update these.

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A book for both research and fun [04 Jan 2010|12:19pm]


May be found here : http://crimsonbooksinc.storesecured.com/items/Victorian/list.htm

The Victorians and Edwardians at Play – John Hannavy

 “The whole idea of leisure time and leisure pastimes was, for the majority of people at least, a hard-won privilege unheard of before the nineteenth century reform of employment rights…”

             A companion piece to Hannavy’s delightful Victorians and Edwardians at Work, At Play is a showpiece for photos and picture postcards from the other side of life in the era.


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Sewing related, but cross posted. [21 Nov 2009|07:51pm]

Sorry if this isn't allowed, or if I've spammed your entire friends list, but I'll keep this pretty short.
I am a Fashion Design student, and should be graduating in May (fingers crossed). This means I will have LOTS of sewing and mad preparing to do for the senior spring fashion show. My dear friend has promised me a dress form/mannaquin for my Birthday ( it was in August) but *I* had to pick it out, because he tried, and felt WAAAAAYYY in over his head about it.
So I inquire with all you lovely folks, what's the best out there? In regards to brand, reliability, lasting quality, ease of use, durability, etc?
I would LOVE something that is adjustable in size, but it is very important that I have quality in this, as my dear friend is a bit of a life saver, and this will be my one and only dress form for a very long time.

So? Ladies and gents? From your experiences, what do you suggest?
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